Provence of Gelderland Sport

The strength of sports
In Gelderland, we believe in the strength of sports. COVID-19 has shown how important physical exercise is for our health. And how much we miss sports and sports events if this is not possible due to circumstances.

One of the reasons why we look forward to the Volleyball Women’s World Championship 2022, hosted by the Netherlands for the first time. The main part of the event takes place from 23 September up to and including 15 October 2022 in the Province of Gelderland. On the occasion of the World Championship, we will stimulate our residents to become active themselves by installing more than 35 net game courts throughout the province.

We are showing all the great points of Gelderland on the Floriade - so there as well, you can hit a ball or two on an actual court. So, will we see you there?

foto netsportveld