Greenport Gelderland
Floriade Amsterdam/Almere

Creating a sustainable future

Greenport Gelderland is a public-private network organization with the aim of strengthening the Gelderland Horticultural Cluster. The collaboration is supported by the Greenhouse Horticulture areas Bommelerwaard & Neerijnen and Arnhem-Nijmegen and the Fruit, Nursery tree and Mushroom cluster.

The work of Greenport Gelderland is mainly concentrated in south-west Gelderland (along the river Rhine). A predominantly agricultural area with a number of leading horticultural sectors. The area is easily accessible by road, rail and water and is located between the main cities in the western part of the Netherlands and the German Ruhr area.

We bring gardeners, governments, research and the business community together to work on a sustainable, powerful and connected horticultural sector in beautiful Gelderland by creating visions, executing projects and transferring knowledge under the motto: Creating a sustainable future!

Our themes are Sustainable, Powerful and Connected:

  • Contribute to an energy-neutral, climate-proof, emission-free and circular horticulture.
  • Strengthen the business climate and the spatial structure. The products contribute to a healthy living and working climate in cities, in buildings and in the countryside.
  • Connecting the horticultural cluster with citizens, consumers, the market and society for support, fitting, logistics and product innovation.
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